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Five Times The Twins Were Terrifying and One Time They Weren't
Title: Five Times The Twins Were Terrifying and One Time They Weren't
Fandom: Power Rangers RPM
Pairing/Characters: Gem and Gemma-centric
Summary: Those smiles are not quite what they seem.
Rating: PG-13


1. Dillon

It had started with the typical “You are a Venjix-infected abomination with no common sense” speech from Doctor K. It was an everyday matter now and no one thought to question it. Dillon had argued finding his sister was important; Doctor K had argued conserving his damaged body was more. 

He’d raised his hand toward her shoulder to shake her and demand help and he found himself being punched in the gut. 

Doctor K yelped as he was hit in the throat too fast for him to react, his arm swiftly twisted behind him as he was shoved onto the floor by a body. A hand yanked him by the hair and slammed his head before crushing his face down, letting him struggle to breathe. He squinted to see Doctor K anxiously watching by her desk, Gem settled in front of her in a defensive stance. So it was the other one. 

“Let me go,” he croaked and he felt the hand in his hair tighten. 

“If we find you a threat to the doctor, we’ll break you.” The pressure lifted and he rolled over his side to see Gemma smiling widely like she hadn’t just been this close to breaking his neck. “Okay?” 

It was the first time he heard her speak a full sentence. 

2. Ziggy

“Come on!” Ziggy called, tapping on the door impatiently. “Really need to brush my teeth here!” The door swung open, nearly hitting him in the face, and the twins popped out with cheery grins. 

“Sorry!” Gem chirped. His hair was damp. “We were showering!” 

Ziggy blinked. 

“At – at the same time?” he asked incredulously. Gemma laughed, squeezing her hair out with a fluffy white towel. 

“No, silly!” she beamed. “I showered first –” 

“While I stood guard –” 

“And then it was Gem’s turn!” Oh. That made sense, sort of. He thought about it. No, not really. 

“Um, don’t take this the wrong way, but is there a reason you stand guard when you’re showering?” Ziggy questioned. The twins blinked. “Was this something you were trained to do at Alphabet Soup, or –”

“Oh, we didn’t learn it,” Gemma said brightly. “We started it after the shutdown of Project Omega!”

“Right before Doctor K joined us,” Gem added with a grin. Ziggy squinted at them but neither seemed inclined to clarify. Later he approached Doctor K and asked what Project Omega was.

The young genius raised an eyebrow at him. 

“Project Omega was a failed genetics experiment combining the matter of animals and humans. Test subject M escaped and slaughter seventeen of the agents in the building until he broke into the private facilities. Gem was there for testing and he eliminated the threat with the help of Gemma.” 


“They broke its spine.” She made a sour face, not noticing the horror on his. “The experiment was cancelled and focus was shifted toward the Ranger Series program.”

“Oh.” Ziggy swallowed and tried to imagine Gem and Gemma fighting a big mutant half-lion, half-man monster. All he could see was the bright smiles on their faces.

3. Flynn

“Gemma?” Flynn knocked on the door to their room and heard a voice inside. He assumed it was an invitation and opened the door. “Did you –”

All words vanished from thought as he took in the room. 

The entire wall was papered in schematics and charts, all of which looked incredibly professional and detailed. Many were yellowing and suffered scorch marks, the most damaged a large map of a building along with what he recognized to be designs of the ranger suits. On one corner was a small birthday card, neatly tacked on with a white ribbon. 

Their bunk bed had been dismantled into one large bed in the center of the room, probably to make more space on the wall, and he swore he could see something metal and weapon-like glinting at him beneath it. On the floor lay scattered grinder parts and what looked suspiciously like a robotic arm. 

The twins stared at him from the bed. 

“Flynn?” Gemma smiled, blinking a little. “Did you need something?” 

“I was, ah, I was wondering if you’d seen one of my screwdrivers…” 

“Oh!” she gasped and flipped downward, her hair brushing against the floor as she reached beneath the bed. Gem took the moment to give Flynn a silent glare. Gemma flipped back upwards and produced the missing screwdriver with a beam. 

“Here you go!” she chirped. “I borrowed it for a project; sorry I forgot to put it back.” 

“No problem.” Flynn smiled nervously and headed back out. He paused and almost asked what she’d been building before deciding against it.

4. Summer

Gem and Gemma were in the kitchen, humming as they worked. Gemma was laying out pieces of fruit and sneaking tastes while Gem serenely sliced them. Summer approached them, still upset about their latest revelation. 

“Can you tell me more about Dillon’s sist –” 

She touched Gem’s shoulder and suddenly she was on the ground, head spinning as one of his knees dug into her stomach. She was vaguely aware that he was angling his knife over her throat; one flick of the wrist and she would be dead. 

“Oops!” Gemma said and Gem leapt up. He held out his hand and Summer cautiously accepted it, moaning as she clutched her stomach. “We’re –” 

“Sorry! We’re just –” 

“Not used to –” 

“People behind us!” 

Gem smiled ruefully, Gemma slinging her arms around his neck. “Will you forgive us?” he asked. Summer felt at her throat, eyeing the knife that had almost ended her. 

“Sure,” she finally said and she made a mental note to ask the doctor what the hell had gone down in Alphabet Soup. The twins beamed. 

“Yay!” they cheered and double high-fived. 

Children, she thought with dismay. Violence aside, they were like children. 

Gemma turned and held out a sliced apple. 



5. Scott

“I want to know about Alphabet Soup.” 

Scott planted his hands down on the kitchen counter and glared at them. The two rangers blinked. 

“Why?” Gemma asked with a beaming smile –one corner was subtly thinning and Gem’s eyes had hardened. Scott swallowed back suspicion and the slightest bit of fear.

“I’m the leader,” he said brusquely. “I need to know.” 

The twins glanced at one another and he could have sworn an entire lifetime of words and feelings had flashed past him in that two-second look. They turned to him with smiles. 

“Okay!” Gemma chirped, both of them still smiling. “We –” 

“Trust you!” Gem finished and they smiled blindingly. Scott curled his fists and wondered if it was a trick. Gemma began with a slight laugh. 

“We were young, about…” 

“Seven or eight,” Gem said. He frowned and wiggled his fingers at himself. “We were taken from our grandmother’s house.” 

“By the sea,” Gemma said dreamily. She had a distant look in her eyes, the way Dillon’s eyes completely melted in hope when he talked about his sister. “By the waves, and…” 

“…the beach…” 

“…warm sand…” 

“…the wind…” 

“The sun.” Gemma looked longingly at the nearest window where golden warmth trickled in. “Sunshine.” 

“We started vigorous training immediately,” Gem said. His smile was even brighter than before. “We shaped our bodies –” 

“- and we designed weapons.” Gemma grinned at her brother. 

“What kind of weapons?” Scott asked. They shrugged. 

“Bombs, infectious diseases…” 

“…bioengineered flesh-eating larvae, mind control machines…” 

“All lost after Venjix,” Scott said (just to be sure) and they nodded grimly. He felt a strange sensation in his stomach, clenching at him as he held back what felt like horror. They’d made weapons. They were weapons. These two people, smiling at him and living in his home were capable of destroying everything and everyone he loved. 

They were seven. 

“It was before Project Ranger but they’d always had it in mind,” Gem said. He was still smiling despite that the chipper tone was completely gone. “We were soldiers.” 

“Weapons,” Gemma corrected. She pulled her legs up into her chest and Scott wondered just how old they were. “We were weapons.” 

“We didn’t understand at first, of course.” And there it was, that hint of laughter bursting out to mask something darker, something Scott was sure he recognized. “We didn’t like the games.” 

“There were so many,” Gemma said wonderingly. She giggled. “So many of us, allergic.” 


“It was a favorite ruse,” Gem explained. “Agents would tell us we were –” 

“- hypersensitive to sunlight and growing ill, so we –"

“- needed to stay underground where it was safe.

“The government did this.” He felt sick. Someone his father knew could have done this. For all he knew, his father could have done something like this. He could have been a part of this, this nightmare. For justice, for truth, for humanity. 

Gem smiled in a way that bared all his teeth. 


No, never.

“But it was so much fun!” Gemma sang out. She’d grabbed two forks and was making them duel one another. “Fighting and training, all those tests –” 

“- and shocks, holding your breath for ten minutes –” 

“Waiting to see how long you could survive pain.” Gemma’s dreamy voice drifted towards Scott and pierced into his brain. “Waiting how long it took to scream.” 

“Forty-nine hours and twenty five minutes,” Gem said proudly. He glanced at Scott and seemed to mistake his shock for disappointment because he added, “We never improved our scores –” 

“- because Echo broke out after fifty-seven hours –” 

“- and forty eight minutes –” 

“- and killed the scientist heading the experiment.” They both laughed, clearly fond of the memory. Scott swallowed back revulsion. “His head popped open –” 

“- like a watermelon!” Gem shrieked with glee. Scott cleared his throat. 

“You said there were others?” 

“Oh, yes.” Their manic smiles were perfectly matching and it reminded him of the Cheshire cat. He wondered if they knew of him. “There were lots of us. We were trained for all the basics –” 

“- and then prepped for whatever special project they assigned us to.” 

“We got Project Ranger –” 

“With Dr. K.” And here they smiled, genuinely smiled, completely void of that darkness Scott had glimpsed. 

“We like her a lot,” Gem said seriously. 

“She’s a good friend,” Gemma concluded. 

“I know,” Scott said though he wasn’t quite sure it was true. The doctor had been more open with them since the return of her friends but he still wasn’t sure what to make of that. None of them were, really. 

Maybe he wasn’t being fair. In the beginning he’d seen the doctor as just a voice, a benefactor and assist in the battle for mankind. When she’d revealed herself he’d realized that he was entrusting his life to a 17-year old girl. Nevertheless, in his mind she was still just “the doctor” and nothing more. But that was changing now. With Gem and Gemma, she was beginning to smile. She called them by name. She let them ask questions and sometimes she would even answer. Now she was human. 

Now she was real. 

“What happened to all the others?” Scott asked. Maybe there were reinforcements out there. 

“They probably all died,” Gemma said bluntly. “When Venjix infected the world –” 

“- Alphabet Soup couldn’t leave any evidence of their experiments.” Gem smiled bitterly. “They cleaned house.” 

“But you escaped,” Scott choked out. All those people, dead. He imagined young boys and young girls lying on a floor covered in blood and rubble, pale from years without sun. One of them looked like Dr. K. 

“Oh, yes.” And here Gemma’s smile was something he hadn’t seen yet – victory. “They came for us and we stopped them.” 

“They tried to get the doctor,” Gem said. He clasped his hands together. “We stopped them too.” 

They both laughed and Scott tried not to listen to how hollow it rang.


1. Dr. K

“Dr. K!” The twins rushed into the lab, swinging their arms as wings as they soared across the floor. “Dr. K, Dr. K!”

“Yes, Gem? Gemma?” She didn’t bother to look up from the computer screen. 

“We have –” 

“– something to show you!” They were beaming, eyes softer than normal, so she finally put stopped typing and arched an eyebrow at them. 

“What is it?” she asked snidely, though secretly she was curious. “Is it something to help Ranger Green finally learn some hand-eye coordination? Because if it’s not, I have other –” 

“Come!” Gem shouted and they each took one of her wrists. Their hands were warm. “Come, come!”

They dragged her out to the lounge area where Dillon and Summer were gazing at each other, probably discussing his unknown sister. Summer yelped when Dr. K was plopped between them, Dillon calmly turning away like nothing had happened. 

“Wait right here!” Gemma shouted and the twins bounded off. Flynn and Ziggy glanced over from the kitchen while Scott sat down to heckle Dillon. The two quickly came back with a clunky metal orb with a thick shell and a handle.

“Surprise!” they shouted, handing it to the confused genius. Dr. K eyed it warily. 

“What is it?” she asked. Gem beamed. 

“It’s a hol –” 

“You have to open it!” Gemma interrupted, shooting her brother a look. Dr. K hesitantly pulled the handle and the shell slid back to reveal a darker orb within the metal casing. There was a second of nothing and then a light flickered inside. 

“Oh!” Summer gasped. The light continued to flicker and expanded out into the room, filling it with pale brightness. Soon an image appeared. 

“Oh,” Dr. K said in a small voice as several more images appeared. Ziggy squinted at them. 

“It looks like –” 

“Butterflies!” Flynn realized. Twenty holographic butterflies were floating in the room, some flickering with static as they flew. Dr. K stood up and held tentatively out a hand to the sight. Her two friends smiled. 

“We hope –”

“- you like it!”

"Thank you," Dr. K whispered. Her hand glazed through a blue butterfly. "Thank you."

Quieter, Gemma murmured, “Happy birthday Dr. K.”


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Holy crap. That was amazing, and awful, and amazing. Well done!

Aww, thank you!
I have a weird obsession with those twins.

This is brilliant! I love Gem and Gemma! This was very well writen, congratulations. I loved it.

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